A SaaS monitoring solution with remote control, log collection and inventory solution.

Powerful infrastructure monitoring

For Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.

Flexible desktop management

For Linux, Windows and Mac.

Network monitoring

WEB, DNS, SNMP, latency and more services in the cloud.

Agentless monitoring

With autodiscovery, using local probes.

Log collection

Put all the pieces together with the monitoring information.


Alerts & Notifications

Email, SMS and Telegram included.

Remote desktop

Access to your Linux, Windows and Mac systems, from the browser of any device.


File transfer

Easily transfer files between different devices.

Remote Shell

Solve problems from the remote Shell, for any OS, from the browser of any device.

Why OpGuardian?

Fast ROI

You only pay for what you use. Monthly payment.


Better TCO compared to other solutions.


Pure SaaS application, developed from scratch.

Proven base

Made by the developers of Pandora FMS and eHorus, +12 years of experience.


Convenient, simple and secure

Try it for free and see for yourself.


No installation

Use a master device without installing any additional software. You only need to install agents on remote devices.


100% Cloud

No servers to maintain, no clients to install. Save time, money and trouble.



Windows, Mac and Linux compatibility.


Long-term trending data

Access logs, and monitoring data from months or years ago.

How safe is OpGuardian?

Your user account is protected by an optional double-authentication protocol.

Only users with access privileges are allowed into your system, whoever knows your ID.

Establish a private, one-off password for each group, that won’t be saved anywhere.


Get a detailed history of all connections or access attempts on each piece of hardware.


OpGuardian encrypts all communications with end-to-end SSL.

Access to each computer can be restricted, and enabled solely by requesting the current user to authorize access.