How does it Work?

First steps

You need an OpGuardian account (sign up here) and a small application known as an ‘agent’ installed on the computer you wish to remotely control or monitor. When you install the agent in your computer, you’ll be asked for an OpGuardian user ID and, once it’s installed, it will execute automatically and register with the OpGuardian plattform.


You will have basic monitoring in your agents, but you can also customize it with the power of Pandora FMS agents.

Control panel

From the OpGuardian control panel you can also monitor network devices like routers, servers or websites, adding network probes and tunin up your custom monitoring, all guided with our wizards.


Agent 32bit 64bit
Windows windows agent windows agent
Satellite Windows agent windows agent windows agent
Linux Generic linux agent linux agent
MAC MAC agent MAC agent

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